Sexiest Men Alive

November 19, 2008

People posted their annual list of the “Sexiest Men Alive”. Here are a couple…

Zac Efron

Ed Westwick

Robert Pattinson

Well, I agree with all these, Rober Pattinson as #1! Ed Westwick kills me on Gossip Girl and Zac, well you cant deny he is beautiful, bur Rob takes them in–beautiful, brit accent, and some serious eyes!!

Who do you think is the Sexiest Man Alive? Who should have been on this years list that wasn’t? What do you find most attrative in guys? For me they have to be just like Rob! Haha, j/k, but it would be nice 🙂

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Twilight Mania

November 18, 2008

Well not that I am offically a Twilighter haha, I thought it would be appropriate to post the pictures of the stars at the twilight premier last night!

Let me start off by saying Rober Pattinson is a hot man!! He looked amazing in his all black ensemble! He could wear a clown suit and look amazing in my opinion though…And Kristen, I liked her dress, her hair wasn’t my favorite look. Cant wait for this movie!

I couldnt find a full picture of Taylor, but thats not needed. All you need to see is his great teeth to know he looked amazing. I wont keep talking about him thought, since I am Team Edward!

I wasnt too much into Alysons look. The dress was a little dated to me. Overall it was okay, too dated and she was trying way to hard to look sexy.

Demi looked stunning! This is a completly different look that what I normally see her in. I liked the soft look and her soft makeup. Great job Demi!

I dont like Alyson Stoners look at all. Akwards tops, ill fitting skirt, and bad shoes. You cant see them good in this picutre, but they has this weird heel and…ugh dont like.

I also felt like Chelsea Staubs look was very dates. The dress was ill fitting and too short, the sweater reminds me of something you can buy at Childrens Place and her hair is an 80s mess.

Well, all in all, no one matched the amazingness that is Robert Pattinson, but who can? Demi got pretty close and Kristen is such a natural beauty.

Who did you think was best dressed? Are you going to see twilight? Team Edward or Jacob?

Who Wear Short Shorts?

November 15, 2008

Joe wears short shorts! Oh how cute, here is Joe Jonas hanging out with the girl he dumped Taylor Swift for on vacation at the beach? Is Joe attempting to bring short shorts back? Its not working for me. It reminds me too much of my dad in 1991.

I was a die hard JB fan since 2006, but its all quickly fading. I feel theyre not honest with their fans at all and have become sellouts. My opinion. Joe looks like an old man here, but whats new?

Political Blog

November 15, 2008

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CMA Sunday

November 14, 2008

So the Country Music Awards were Sunday, they were just down the street from me, but I was too cheap to buy tickets haha. I have only very recently started listening to country music, which is probably weird since I do live in Music City, Nashville TN, but I didnt. I am in love with Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Rascall Flatts right now, and Im also in love with the beautiful dresses worn to the CMAs. Heres some of the looks.

Carrie Underwood looked gorgeous in her Roberto Cavalli gown. My favorite look from her had to be from when she sang “Just a Dream”

and wasnt it amazing? This Badgely Mischka dress lookes amazing with the black backdrop and the wind machine blowing it. She did so amazing. She is a great singer!

The amzingly beautiful Taylor Swift joked that her Kaufman Franko gown weighed 400 pounds. Taylor, it was worth it. I really think the gown stole the show (and for the record the dress did in fact weigh 30 lbs)

Taylor started her performace of “Love Story” in this plum ball gown, which I thought was akward and too big, until it was snatched off to reveal this masterpiece:

Could she have looked any more stunning and angelic? I think not!

Taylors next look of the night was an adorable one shoulder cocktail dress. It was chilly in Nashville on Sunday night, but I find the longsleeve to be a little akward….

I loved Mileys Roberto Cavalli gown, but I was not a fan of her hair. It was some kind of akward,messy, side bun. Im a Miley fan though, and was lucky enough to see her from 2nd row that morning on Good Morning America! It was quite exciting, and she did amazing!

Newcomer to country music was Julianne Hough. This dress was a lot of pink, but I think if anyone could pull it off it would be the amazing Julianne. This girl is such a stunning beauty!


So who do you think was best dressed of the night? If you were attending the CMAs which gown would you have worn? Do you listen to country music?


November 14, 2008

I am really sorry about the lack of updates. I have been really busy with college, work, making Hanna Beth Style, and making my political blog. I have obviously not been giving this one very much attention and Im sorry. I am going to post a big update tomorrow and from now on I will be doing larger updates farther apart, at least until I get my other blog up and Hanna Beth Style up and running smoothly. Thanks for continuing to visit despite my lack of updates. I will leave you with a question and I would love to hear your answer in the comments 🙂

Are you Team Taylor or Team Joe?

Im sure by now everyone has heard that Joe dumped Taylor over a 27 second phone call to be with Camiella Belle. So do you support Taylor or Joe? Im Team Taylor by the way. I feel the Jonas’s have really changed lately and do not treat women with respect even though they have always said they were raised as perfect gentlemen.

Fashion Faceoff

November 10, 2008


Miley Montana

November 9, 2008

Miley Cyrus had a date night with her older boyfriend Justin Gaston. They saw the oh-so-romantic new flick Madagascar 2. Miley had on an adorable outfit though, in jeans, boots, and a very cute leather jacket. Her look was perfect for a chilly LA night.

If any of you have seen Disney latley you probably know that Hannah Montana got a makeover! I think its about time. Even through all of Mileys changes, Hannah has remained the same. Im excited to see Hannah with a shorter, blonder hair do and slightly funkier clothing.


Do you think Justin is too old for Miley? Do you like the old or new Hannah better?

Do you have any suggestions for the name of my new blog?

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November 9, 2008

Here is a picture from a recent Taylor Swift photoshoot. I am in love with mixing black clothing with brown accessories right now as Taylor did in this picture.

I love how Taylor always layers several bracelets and keeps the rest of her accessories minimal to none.

Has everyone heard about Taylor and her breakup with Joe Jonas? After Joe broke up with her over a 27 second phone call, Taylor has let everyone know about it!

Dont forget to buy her new album “Fearless” out November 11th. It does feature a song about her breakup with Joe. The song is about how a boy she was falling for broke up with her for another girl. Brenda Song perhaps?

Do you like black and brown mixed together? How do you feel about the Jaylor breakup? Will you buy Fearless? Do you have any name suggestions for my new political blog?

Another Blog…?

November 8, 2008

So I was thinking of maybe making another blog, kind of like a teen politic blog. not something for older people, but a place where young people can talk about politics and stuff like that. this may be a crazy dorky idea, but I think it would be fun. would you visit?

can anyone think of a good name? i cant come up with anything!!