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Kristen Stewart

December 8, 2008

Over the next couple of days I am going to post about the girls I think have the best style in young Hollywood. I have some different people and some different looks and im dedicating this post to the grunge rocker Kristen Stewart.  Twilight London Premier

Late Show Taping

Much Music Appearence

Hot Topic Signing

Spain Premier

I love Kristens effortless look, yet she always looks appropriate. While clearly a fan of black clothing, she still mixes it up from appearence to appearence, but always keep the rocker edge.

Who is your style star?



December 7, 2008

okay everyone–im super sorry for not posting for sooo long, i have been beyond busy. im not qutting this blog. i am still surprisingly getting visitors. expect an update tomorrow as well as a new poll and a new header soon. again, i am sorry. please leave any comments you have about the twilight movie on this post. i absolutely loved it. i have heard some complaints, but i have none. completly in love with that movie. i have seen it 3 times. how many times have you seen it?

i would love to have someone to help post on here. if you are at all intersted e-mail me at


November 24, 2008

I will start of by saying this is a long since a lot of yound hollwood was at the awards last night. This took me a pretty good amount so i would appreciate if you comment and share opinions about last nights looks!

 Taylor Swift is easily my pick for best dressed of the night. She looked stunning in the perfectly fitting assymetrical beaded dress and signature sprial curls. There is nothing bad for me to say about this looked. Beaded dresses seemed to be the trend of the evening.

Taylor wore another beaded gown for her emotional performance of her new single “White Horse”. Taylor seemed to have her attention focused to someone in the audience. Hmm..I wonder who?

Demi Lovato stunned in a white beaded dress. She looked great, she has been looking a little different to me lately. I think its her slightly longer bangs that is giving her a little bit of a different look. I dont really like her chunky black heels paired with this delicate white dress. I would have prefered something less chunky, or less dark.

Birthday girl Miley Cyrus also looked stunning in what else? A beaded dress! Love the gold, she really shined on the red carpet. I like her hair up, but I really love it when Miley wears long waves. She looked great though.

Mileys performace outfit was topped of with beads. She looked cute and rock ready in leggings, a beaded vest, and biker boots. She gave an awesome, energy packed performance.

I like Ashelys dress. I even see a tiny bit of beading around the neckline! This dress is cute, it kind of reminds me of a short prom dress, but she works it! I am lovin Ashley as a brunette these days too. It took a while for me to get used to it, but I like it!

Beaded dress? Check! Christina Aguleria looked like a stunning mother in her beaded gown! Her performance was beyond spectacualr. I love Christina. She is by far one of the best singers out there. I cant say that for her bangs though. It looks like she let her one year old son Max cut them before her red carpet arrival.

Rhianna showed up in what I can only desribe as a curtain. It looks to me like she ripped her grandmothers curtains off the wall and wrapped them around her and completed the look with tea gloves. Is she already so sick of her hand tattoo that she has resorted to wearing gloves?

The Jonas Brothers showed up in their typical uniform. A gray suite and shiny shoes. What happened to red jeans and green converse? I dont know.

Here are some pictures of some of our favorites stars hanging out with, well, some of our favorite stars.

Miley and Taylor

Demi and Taylor

Kevin, Ashley, Joe, and Nick

Phew, that was a lot of well dressed stars! Who was your favorite look? Favorite performance? Least favorite look? Least favorite performane. Who should have been there that wasnt? Who shouldnt have been there that was. Comment 🙂


November 24, 2008

I will be adding a lot of pictures tomorrow from the American Music Awards that was tonight. Everyone was there, some of my favorite people and some of my least favorite people. Keep a lookout for the pictures/critques!


November 23, 2008

Well, Selena Gomez stepped out at a CNN event with an interesting change…


I dont think they suit her AT ALL.

Im just hoping these are clip ins which people seem to do a lot of in hollywood. its a great way to test out the look and confirm that it does NOT look good. no on sel.

I have always thought about getting bangs, this lets me see that they dont work on everyone.

What do you think? Hot or Not? Do you have bangs? Have you ever had them and it been a huge mistake?


November 22, 2008

I am getting around 40 unique visitors a day, which i no isnt a lot, but I am happy with that. To think that there are 40 different people that visit this site everyday and read my posts, but i never get comments anymore. i would greatly appreciate it if there were a couple of comments every now and then…

updates soon

twilight was awesome.


November 21, 2008

Rhianna appeared at an even with a brand new tattoo. A brand new hand tattoo.

This was done tribally over seas, meaning they dip a super long needle into black ink and start jabbing it into the skin.

Im all for tattoos, I currently have 3 myself, but I have 2 main rules when it comes to tattoos. Nothing about the chest and nothing below the wrist and above the fingers. Haha, presice areas I know. I honestly want a finger tattoo right now, but my mom would die. I want a peace sign on my pinky finger, but oh well…

Anyway, I personally hate this tattoo. I never agree with something that big that cant be hid unless you wear gloves. At least with finger tattoos you can cover them with a ring, but not this mess.

Do you like her tattoo? How do you feel about them in general (don’t worry, you wont hurt my feelings)? Do you want/have any tattoos? What would be the idea tattoo for you?


November 20, 2008

So, I want to hear your opinions. Who would you like to see featured out this site? What kind of articles would you like to see posted? Any fun ideas for the blog?

More Airport…

November 20, 2008

No, this doesnt have to do with Twilight; its Selena Gomez on her way from LA to Dallas for Thanksgiving

Sel looks adorable, love the boots, tank, and scarf, hate the glasses. They dont look right on her face and are also sort of an outdated look in my opinion. I would have rather seen her in some silver aviators, but im being a little to picky. She looks cute 🙂

Whats your airport style? Do you leave the house looking red carpet ready even for a long flight, or do you prefer the traditional sweats and ponytail?

Twilight Airport

November 20, 2008

Here is the newest love of my life, Robert Pattinson, in the airport.

He is just beautiful. So I was thinking of a wierd question earlier, im obviously a girl haha, but if I was a boy, what kind a style would I have? I have decided I would dress like Rob haha. This is not how I do dress, but I love his style.

So, if you were a boy, whose style would you copy?

Kristen Stewart also made her way through the airport in an equally grundge look. She is such a natural beauty she can definetly pull of messy hair and wrinkled shirts!

Love them both, and I promise, this will probably be my last twilight post for a tiny while.