Rhianna appeared at an even with a brand new tattoo. A brand new hand tattoo.

This was done tribally over seas, meaning they dip a super long needle into black ink and start jabbing it into the skin.

Im all for tattoos, I currently have 3 myself, but I have 2 main rules when it comes to tattoos. Nothing about the chest and nothing below the wrist and above the fingers. Haha, presice areas I know. I honestly want a finger tattoo right now, but my mom would die. I want a peace sign on my pinky finger, but oh well…

Anyway, I personally hate this tattoo. I never agree with something that big that cant be hid unless you wear gloves. At least with finger tattoos you can cover them with a ring, but not this mess.

Do you like her tattoo? How do you feel about them in general (don’t worry, you wont hurt my feelings)? Do you want/have any tattoos? What would be the idea tattoo for you?


One Response to “Tattoo”

  1. Chriss Says:

    I’m surprised you hated this tattoo. This tatt is more than a fashion statement – it is a tribal tattoo, obviously from one of the pacific islands. Want to know where tattoos originated from? That’s right – Polynesia. It’s culturally significant to so many people out there – and to see Rihanna rocking it is great, don’t hate – it’s a beautiful symbol of the traditions and culture of the pacific islands as well as the artistry of tatooing or ‘le tatau’.

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