Sexiest Men Alive

People posted their annual list of the “Sexiest Men Alive”. Here are a couple…

Zac Efron

Ed Westwick

Robert Pattinson

Well, I agree with all these, Rober Pattinson as #1! Ed Westwick kills me on Gossip Girl and Zac, well you cant deny he is beautiful, bur Rob takes them in–beautiful, brit accent, and some serious eyes!!

Who do you think is the Sexiest Man Alive? Who should have been on this years list that wasn’t? What do you find most attrative in guys? For me they have to be just like Rob! Haha, j/k, but it would be nice πŸ™‚

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3 Responses to “Sexiest Men Alive”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Well… if the Jonas Brothers weren’t in the list [though I’m sure they were], they definately should have been, esp. Nick hehe. I would’ve liked for Tony Oller to be on the list, but I doubt it, since he isn’t that famous. If David Archuleta wasn’t on the list, he should’ve been. Ohhh, and Shia LaBeouf, fo sho!! Zac Efron definately deserves to be on the list lol.

    I really don’t find Ed good-looking what-so-ever. Rob is okay, but not that cute.

    My major thing [on the outside] for a guy is HAIR… gotta have great hair lol!!
    But of course the main thing is personality, he’s gotta be sweet. πŸ™‚

  2. hailienoel Says:

    rob has fabulous hair! lol, best hair EVER. kevin jonas was on the list, but they didnt have his picture up yet, the list was like a “sneak peak list” i think ed is good looking from the side lol. its when he does the side stare and talks how he talks, oh yeah lol. robs definetly my #1 right now. hes definetly completly gorgeous and i love his personalilty

  3. Mikala Says:

    Well I am completely in love with Shia LaBeouf!!!! lol
    I love Zac and Robert is ok… i do not think Ed is cute at all!

    I kind of like David Henrie at times, ya random hehe.

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