Twilight Mania

Well not that I am offically a Twilighter haha, I thought it would be appropriate to post the pictures of the stars at the twilight premier last night!

Let me start off by saying Rober Pattinson is a hot man!! He looked amazing in his all black ensemble! He could wear a clown suit and look amazing in my opinion though…And Kristen, I liked her dress, her hair wasn’t my favorite look. Cant wait for this movie!

I couldnt find a full picture of Taylor, but thats not needed. All you need to see is his great teeth to know he looked amazing. I wont keep talking about him thought, since I am Team Edward!

I wasnt too much into Alysons look. The dress was a little dated to me. Overall it was okay, too dated and she was trying way to hard to look sexy.

Demi looked stunning! This is a completly different look that what I normally see her in. I liked the soft look and her soft makeup. Great job Demi!

I dont like Alyson Stoners look at all. Akwards tops, ill fitting skirt, and bad shoes. You cant see them good in this picutre, but they has this weird heel and…ugh dont like.

I also felt like Chelsea Staubs look was very dates. The dress was ill fitting and too short, the sweater reminds me of something you can buy at Childrens Place and her hair is an 80s mess.

Well, all in all, no one matched the amazingness that is Robert Pattinson, but who can? Demi got pretty close and Kristen is such a natural beauty.

Who did you think was best dressed? Are you going to see twilight? Team Edward or Jacob?


5 Responses to “Twilight Mania”

  1. Jenni Says:

    i think kristen is best dress, i love twilight and cant wait too see it

  2. Jenni Says:


  3. hailienoel Says:

    team edward is the only way to go haha. im so excited! 🙂

  4. Felicity Says:

    It was most definately Demi looked GORGEOUS!! I loved that look, I am most definately going to use that on Trendy Demi lol. 😛

  5. Felicity Says:

    Oh, and Robert looked very cuuute! 😀

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