CMA Sunday

So the Country Music Awards were Sunday, they were just down the street from me, but I was too cheap to buy tickets haha. I have only very recently started listening to country music, which is probably weird since I do live in Music City, Nashville TN, but I didnt. I am in love with Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Rascall Flatts right now, and Im also in love with the beautiful dresses worn to the CMAs. Heres some of the looks.

Carrie Underwood looked gorgeous in her Roberto Cavalli gown. My favorite look from her had to be from when she sang “Just a Dream”

and wasnt it amazing? This Badgely Mischka dress lookes amazing with the black backdrop and the wind machine blowing it. She did so amazing. She is a great singer!

The amzingly beautiful Taylor Swift joked that her Kaufman Franko gown weighed 400 pounds. Taylor, it was worth it. I really think the gown stole the show (and for the record the dress did in fact weigh 30 lbs)

Taylor started her performace of “Love Story” in this plum ball gown, which I thought was akward and too big, until it was snatched off to reveal this masterpiece:

Could she have looked any more stunning and angelic? I think not!

Taylors next look of the night was an adorable one shoulder cocktail dress. It was chilly in Nashville on Sunday night, but I find the longsleeve to be a little akward….

I loved Mileys Roberto Cavalli gown, but I was not a fan of her hair. It was some kind of akward,messy, side bun. Im a Miley fan though, and was lucky enough to see her from 2nd row that morning on Good Morning America! It was quite exciting, and she did amazing!

Newcomer to country music was Julianne Hough. This dress was a lot of pink, but I think if anyone could pull it off it would be the amazing Julianne. This girl is such a stunning beauty!


So who do you think was best dressed of the night? If you were attending the CMAs which gown would you have worn? Do you listen to country music?


4 Responses to “CMA Sunday”

  1. Jenni Says:

    i love mileys look and taylors and julianne lokks fabulous

  2. Jenni Says:

    i meant looks, not lokks

  3. Ashley Says:

    I love Carrie, Taylor and Julianne’s dresses.
    They all looked really pretty.

  4. kristen. Says:

    I think Carrie was best dressed. I would have worn Julianne’s dress. Its bright, and I love bright colors. Miley’s looks a little too old for her.. and I really only like Taylor’s white dress. I can’t believe that other dress weighed 30 pounds. I would have died. Lol. Anyway, I LOVE country music.

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