I am really sorry about the lack of updates. I have been really busy with college, work, making Hanna Beth Style, and making my political blog. I have obviously not been giving this one very much attention and Im sorry. I am going to post a big update tomorrow and from now on I will be doing larger updates farther apart, at least until I get my other blog up and Hanna Beth Style up and running smoothly. Thanks for continuing to visit despite my lack of updates. I will leave you with a question and I would love to hear your answer in the comments 🙂

Are you Team Taylor or Team Joe?

Im sure by now everyone has heard that Joe dumped Taylor over a 27 second phone call to be with Camiella Belle. So do you support Taylor or Joe? Im Team Taylor by the way. I feel the Jonas’s have really changed lately and do not treat women with respect even though they have always said they were raised as perfect gentlemen.


One Response to “apology”

  1. kristen. Says:

    I agree. I believe Taylor way more than Joe. I think it is really inconsiderate to break up with Taylor for another girl.

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