Miley Montana

Miley Cyrus had a date night with her older boyfriend Justin Gaston. They saw the oh-so-romantic new flick Madagascar 2. Miley had on an adorable outfit though, in jeans, boots, and a very cute leather jacket. Her look was perfect for a chilly LA night.

If any of you have seen Disney latley you probably know that Hannah Montana got a makeover! I think its about time. Even through all of Mileys changes, Hannah has remained the same. Im excited to see Hannah with a shorter, blonder hair do and slightly funkier clothing.


Do you think Justin is too old for Miley? Do you like the old or new Hannah better?

Do you have any suggestions for the name of my new blog?

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One Response to “Miley Montana”

  1. kristen. Says:

    i like her outfit, but i think the jeans make her hips look bigger. hm, idk.
    i like the old hannah better, i like her hair longer.
    and her clothes seem kind of weird. they are cute, but i wouldnt put
    them together. and some of her shoes are funny. ha.
    but thats just my opinion. i think justin is too old for miley.
    i mean, hes a 20 year old underwear model.
    and she is 15(almost 16..)
    i just think its too many years apart.

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