Hey guys, sorry for not updating in forever!

Im glad to see some people supported Mccain and Palin, sadly it wasnt enough. I wont go into politics on here, but I am very upset and scared by what happened. I do love politics though, and I think being able to be involved in this election and finding out how interesting and completly important to the world it is, it has made me highly consider changing my major to political science. Like I said, I wont go into politics here, but if anyone has anything to say about it feel free to e-mail me at

One of the many reasons I havent updated here is becasue I have been focusing on opening my brand new site Hanna Beth Style. Its finally open open!! VISIT HERE


3 Responses to “sorry…”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Yeah, it is important. It is sad, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed on what will happen to America… and across the world.

    Love your new site! 🙂

  2. kristen. Says:

    i agree with felecity.
    ive visited the site, and checked out all the guides and its really good so far
    so keep it up! i also love this site! ha. and i also worry about what will happen to America.

  3. kristen. Says:

    I think McCain and Palin shouldve won, they see more experienced.

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