Hayden, Hayden…

To all the fabulous McCain supporters out there, I just have to tell you I just ordered my Palin ’12 tshirt!!

Now to style…My “favorite” girl Hayden I Forgot How To Spell Her Last Name stepped out last night to see the LA Madonna concert in a very revaling top:

Isnt a jacket and a necklace the best way to cover up on a chilly night? NO. She forgot her shirt, but she didnt forget to pile on the makeup, like always.


Oh and while Im still stuck on the election, here is Naomi Campbell in a fabulous Obama baseball cap. And by fabulous I mean tacky. I just have to wonder if Namoi will continue to wear such a hat after Obama makes a mistake? Will people be embarrased of a person they have so proudly pushed on us when he makes mistakes?


2 Responses to “Hayden, Hayden…”

  1. Felicity Says:

    Omg, I love Hayden b/c she stands up for the environment and animals like I do, but girl… modesty is a good thing. ahaha.

  2. Mikala Says:

    Agreed with Felicity!

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