Another Blog…?

So I was thinking of maybe making another blog, kind of like a teen politic blog. not something for older people, but a place where young people can talk about politics and stuff like that. this may be a crazy dorky idea, but I think it would be fun. would you visit?

can anyone think of a good name? i cant come up with anything!!


4 Responses to “Another Blog…?”

  1. Jenni Says:

    yes, i would

  2. kristen. Says:

    yeah id visit.
    i think its a good idea.
    kids need to get involved with politics.
    kids are the future, and one day we’ll have to pick the president, and all
    those things. (:

  3. Mikala Says:

    I would visit it!!!

  4. Felicity Says:

    I would totally visit. I am very tired, so I can’t of any names right now, but I prolly will later! 🙂

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