election ’08




7 Responses to “election ’08”

  1. kristen. Says:


  2. Jenni Says:

    BARACK WON ! YAY!!!!

  3. Felicity Says:

    Ooh, I wanted McCain to win, too. Oh, well. :/

  4. kristen. Says:

    I wanted McCain to win too. I can’t believe Obama is our president now. It is cool that he’s the first black president though.

  5. Felicity Says:

    Yeah, we’re in history hehe!! Though I did want to see the first woman V.P. :/

  6. kristen. Says:

    me too, actually.

  7. Felicity Says:

    Yeah. Palin has some problems [like the environment, hunting, pro-gun], but there’s a lot that’s good about her.

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