She Really Loves Her….

In the real world people wear items of clothing many times, but in Hollywood its a shock to see someone in the same thing twice! Here are some stars making the best of their purchases:

Vanessa Hudgens really loves her Jimmy Choo Gladiator Heels

Miley Cyrus really loves her Bulga Bag

Ashley Tisdale really loves her Free People Earrings and her RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses

Selena Gomez really loves her Analo “Brooke” Zipper Jeans

Leighton Messter really loves her Matt Bernson “Edwin” Gladiators

Which item do you love most? Which one would you be seen wearing multiple time, even under the glare of the paparazzi lense?


4 Responses to “She Really Loves Her….”

  1. Jenni Says:

    I would like to be seen multiple times in the skinny jeans or with the bag

  2. kristen. Says:

    i agree with Jenni.
    I don’t like Vanessa’s heels. I do like Leighton’s sandals though.
    Well, Great update.

  3. Mikala Says:

    Selena also wears her Aldo pumps alot!!!
    great update!!

  4. AMBER Says:

    hay selena gomez i have the same pants someday i will meet you and i will alway look up to you and some other day i will be just like you so i love everone and i will talk to you latter bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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