I havent updated in a long time, so here is a decent size update…

Miley was at the airport wearing her favorite foorwear, Uggs. She is also wearing what is becoming a huge trend again, destroyed jeans. She completes her outfit with a cute black coat and an over the shoulder Fendi bag. You may also notice she has a very large amount of phone charms…even though her brother Trace and Hanna Beth recently broke up, it seems like Miley has kept some of Hanna’s style…


The always fabulous Vanessa Hudgens looked amazing while at yet another HSM3 press event. She wore a great BCBG dress and fabulous shoes. The bangs are still hard to get used to, but I think they look great. There isn’t really anything bad I could ever say about V and her style.

Now onto Hayden Panettiere. She walked the red carpet at the Blackberry launch in a black and pink lace dress. I don’t like it. Hayden has a very athletic body, and she always dresses in very tight dresses. I do not think her look is flattering at all. I think this dress is too short and too tight for her frame.

Hayden also showed off a new tattoo. She already has a tiny Leo symbol on the side of her foot. She recently added “Viverie” down the side of her back. I like the placement of the tattoo alot, but is it just me, or is it crooked?

Finally, here is Hilary Duff out running erands. She also wore Uggs and some very different jeans. The jeans are not my style, but I think Hilary can pull them off. I dont think she should have worn a black shirt and grey jeans with brown boots, but she is just running around town, so its not that big of a deal.


This isnt style related, but there is a huge rumor going around that Joe Jonas is now with Brenda Song? What do you think? Would they be cute together? Do you think its true? Is there too much Disney Dating?


3 Responses to “”

  1. Mikala Says:

    I don’t think that is a cute couple at all!!! Brenda + Joe ??
    This disney dating is strange….
    but, Brenda seems really sweet and stuff I just cant see her with Joe or Joe with her..

  2. Jenni Says:

    Yeah I agree with you Mikala
    love the update!

  3. kristen. Says:

    i think mileys phone charms are way too much.
    but i always love how vanessa dresses.
    and i think hayden looks awkward, and her makeup just looks weird to me.
    but i think brenda and joe would be an okay couple. just inbetween, not great but not horrible. and yes! there is way too much disney dating, but i understand why. all the disney actors are together, all the time, obviously sparks would be flying between some of them. but i love the update!

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