I know I have only had this blog open a week or two, but I think im going to close it. I was looking at my stats and 3 days ago I 121 visitors, and today I had 2. So its kind pointless for me to keep posting stuff if no one us here. Anyway visit chelseacouture.org and my style site, Hanna Beth Style will be opening in about a week.

[Edit 10/31] I think I am going to keep it open for at least a little while longer, it gives me something to do when im bored haha. Also, hopfully once I get my own site up and chelsea couture is back up and maybe when dresslikedemi.org is back from hiatus (haha, i know thats a lot) the blog will be able to get a little more exposure. Sorry for being so wishy-wasy, I will update tomorrow night, tonight i am going to roll the houses with obama signs. sorry, it must be done! hope everyone had a great halloween, i had an amazing time.

Keep Visiting!


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  1. kristen. Says:


  2. Jenni Says:

    Oh thats sad. I loved seeing something new everyday. I love this site

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