Rock Star?

Victoria Justice made an appearance on the Guitar Hero red carpet over the weekend. Another notable attendee was Matt “rocketman” Prokop of HSM3.

I am kind of bothered by Victoria Justice. I was as wrapped up in Zoey 101 as much as the next person, but since Jamie Lynns pregnancy and the end of Zoey 101, Victoria hasn’t had any parts that I know of. Why does she continue to show up at red carpet events? Who invites her? Ok, im sorry, im sure some of you are VJ fans, but you can’t be a fan of this outfit! Suspenders had their moment of being a trendy accessorie, but that time has past. I am also pretty sure leopard suspenders were never “in”. The boots…no! They look like she is ready to go to war…in the mud! Why does she have boots that are a mixture of combat/gardening. I dont have a problem with the tee, jeans or vest. The outfit would have been better with black flat equestrian boots and a long necklace.

Do you think I was too harsh on Vicky? Does she have any parts coming up? Would you wear this look?


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