Miles of Miley

Miley was seeen heading to the airport with her “boyfriend” Justin Gaston.

I realize she was heading to the airport, but come on…UGGS? It bothers me when people wear Uggs and summer clothes like tank tops. If its warm enough to wear a tank, its too hot to wear Uggs.

How do you feel about Uggs? Do/did you own a pair?

xxoo Hailie


3 Responses to “Miles of Miley”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I dont like uggs at all. I think they are really ugly. lol. But I like her shirt.

  2. Mikala Says:

    Ok i love Uggs i dont have any i want some but i hate them with sweatpants! it is annoying

  3. kristen. Says:

    i agree with mikala, i love them too! but i dont like themwith speatpants, and tanks. i would wear them in the winter. but i like her shirt, just not with sweatpants and uggs.

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