Im sure you all know High School Musical 3 came out today!! Who saw it? I just got back. I wont give it away for anyone that has not saw yet, but I will say I never cry in movies, and I cried like a baby! I hope you all go see it, theyre were some wonderful dance scenes, they really stepped it up for the big screen. I am really going to miss all those character. Share your opinions. Did you see it? Are you going to? Did you cry? How do you feel about the HSM trilogy?

xxoo Hailie

[Edit] There is a new poll on the right column about High School Musical– vote!



One Response to “HSM3”

  1. kristen. Says:

    I’m going to see it in an hour, with like 6 of my friends! I’m so excited. I hope I don’t cry, because I am kind of an emotional person haha, but man it would be so embarrassing with like all of my friends, and i was crying. lol.

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