Fall Fashion

This is my list of the 5 must have things for this fall.

Flat Boots

Any kind of boot is a must have for the fall. The flat boot is both trendy and classic. They can be worn with anything from dresses to skinny jeans, even with shorts. Try these worn by Miley Cyrus many times: 

Steve Madden

Faux Leather Jacket

A great piece to use on cool nights and look amazing stylish. A leather jacket can make any outfit look put together.

Urban Outfitters

A Scarf

The best way to take any outfit from plain to extrordinary. There are so many kinds to choose from, plain, pattern, silk, wool, thick, skinny-you name it. A perfect way to keep warm and stylish.



The most stylish way to adorn your wrist. Made a staple by Nicole Richie and her stylist Rachel Zoe, a bagle has become the perfect statement piece. Stack them or just wear one, its a must have!

Urban Outfitters

 Snake Ring

Okay, maybe this isnt a must have for everyone but I think this is one of the best things to wear to take a plain tee and jeans combo up a notch. Sliding a snake ring (or any kind of statement ring) onto your finger is going to exude style without being the least bit flashy.

Urban Outfitters

These are the items I think everyone should have for the fall season. Do you agree? What are the 5 things you must have wheter it be clothing, accesories, or makeup?

xxoo Hailie


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