Im sure a lot of you love the Jonas Brothers, know every word to every song, know their favorite colors, and have their faces covering your walls, BUT would you ever go this far?

A mom of a 7 year old Jonas Fan entered a local radio contest in order to win

2nd row tickets to a Jonas Brother concert. The contest was

“Biggest Jonas Brother Commitment”

Yeah, thats right, the mom got “Jonas Brothers” tattooed accross the side of her neck in classic Jonas script. Don’t forget this was so her 7 year old daughter could see them from 2nd row. So I really need to know what you think. Would you want your mom to do this? Would you think it would be more appropriate if it was in a different place? Was it worth it for a couple of hours of seeing a JB show from perfect view? Share your opinions!!

Also, have you ever seen anyother band tattoos? People that have gone a little to far for their favorite band? Im gonna search the internet and attempt to find some more crazy fan tattoos. Would you get one?

xxoo Hailie

Picture Credit: OceanUp


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13 Responses to “wow…”

  1. Mikala Says:

    First off i wouldn’t want my mom or dad doing that!!
    maybe really small somewhere non-noticeable
    i wouldnt get one (even though i love JB)

    this was a little insane!!!!!!!!!! haha

  2. Felicity Says:

    My parents would NEVER, EVER do that!! I couldn’t imagine, I’d be freaked out lolz.

    Did you watch HSM3?! Ahhhhh, it was amazing!!!!!!!!!

  3. hailienoel Says:

    omg of course felicity!! i just got back! i cried like a baby haha

  4. tenthredemption Says:

    nucking futs, woman, i tell ya…

  5. sabrina Says:

    wooow this is so stupid! like really, only 2 hours for a 7 year old! now tehyre gunna die with the jonas brotehrs on tehre neck, and they dont even like them that much! and if my mom had that tatto id be really embarrased! this is so dumb

  6. Amanda Says:

    i plan on getting a jonas brother tattoo, as soon as my tax money comes in…im getting their logo tattooed on my wrist…im excited! =]

  7. Steven Says:

    The lady is an idiot and her child should be taken away from her.

  8. Meggie Says:

    wow i totally love jb but shit i dont know if their tht worth it!

  9. allie Says:

    i love JB heaps and heaps, don’t get me wrong.
    but i’d never get a tattoo! only if it was real real small, and somewhere that no one could see.
    the mom might not have even won it, so there was a chance of not getting it! argh, nevernevernever. ❤

  10. ThisJonasGirl Says:

    OMG! LOLOLOL! i got 2nd row seats for £40 XD

  11. Tracy Says:

    The truly sad part is, you know in a few years the daughter will probably hate the band.

  12. Says:

    I absolutely luv JB! They bloomin rock!!! I luv all their songs & i wud totally get a tattoo with their logo on XD

    But if my parents did that wud be very weird:)


  13. Rochell Stich Says:

    The jonas brothers are great because they are very talented and good looking too. ^

    Take a look at our new webpage as well

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