For every movie premier there are bound to by style stars and style errors. Here is my take on the stars of HSM3 at the hollywood premier.

The Good:

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa looked stunning in a Calvin Klein dress and Jimmy Choo platforms. Vanessa has really emerged as a style icon in the past couple of years, and it is much deserved. Vanessa manages to look effortlessly flawless as well as stay true to her california chic/boho style!

The Bad

Selena Gomez

There is no denying Selena Gomez is adorable and a natural beauty, but this look seemed more beach appropriate than premier ready. The hair/makeup combo was more mall ready than red carpet. The dress throws off her proportions and makes her look shapeless and the shoes weigh down the light look. I do love her necklace and arm cuff though!

The Ugly

KayCee Stroh

What can I really say about this: the custom made Nancy Barrus gown is just wrong. It looks like 80s prom gone wrong. The material looks flimsy and unironed, the large flower does nothing if not resemble a corsage, and the fit it down right dowdy. Come on KayCee–its the HSM3 premier, its a time to dress fun, trendy, and youthful. Not for an ill fitted champagne gown.

Share your opinions! Do you think im dead on or dead wrong? Who would you like to see featured in this blog? Have you seen any fashion victories or fashion tragedies you would like to share?

xxoo Hailie

Credit for Pictures: Just Jared


One Response to “HSM3”

  1. Felicity Says:

    I think all look amazing, b/c they’re gorgeous no matter what. But I think you got it alright ahaha! I really, really do like Vanessa’s dress! I really want it. 😛

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